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Damdaki Kemanci
(Fiddler on the Roof)

Director : Mehmet Ergan
Musial Director : Emin İnal
Choreographer: Anthony Whiteman
Set Design : Behlüldane Tor
Costume Design : Gül Sağer
Sound Designer : Olly Steel for Orbital
Light Desingner : Richard Williamson
Assistant Dirtector : Lerzan Pamir

This production of Damdaki Kemanci was the Premier Turkish speaking production of this classic musical, written by Joseph Stein and Jerry Brock.

An incredibly diverse cast,  with ages ranging between 10 - 75 years old, this original production opened as a repertoire production, January 2nd 2018 and was housed at the Drama Stage Theatre in the prestigious Zorlu Performance House in Istanbul.

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