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The Osmonds - Workshop





Director : Shaun Kerrison

Musical Director : Charlie Ingles

Choreographer: Anthony Whiteman

the play that you are about to see has been in the works for may years. Although I have produced and helped in producing our family story on television and in movies, it has always been my dream to bring it to musical theatre. I have kept many journals and written down many thoughts over the years hoping that I would get this opportunity to portray my life as an Osmond and my wonderful family on stage. The anticipated dream beacme a reality when I met Bosse Andersson, producer at 2entertain, in Stockholm.  ​  We have been working hard for two years now and I know that as each week goes on, it will only get better. We are now perfecting and fine tuning the script. It is hard to put six decades into a 2 hour play. I would like to thank Julian Bigg and Shaun Kerrison for their excellence in writing and paying attention to the details of production. They have shown such respect for my story that I hold so dear  ​  Also, Bosse for having the vision of brining all of this to reality. It took
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