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Southern Baptist Sissies - Anthony Whiteman Choreography

Southern Baptist Sissies





Director : Gene David Kirk

Musial Director : Patrick Stockbridge

Choreographer: Anthony Whiteman

Set & Costume Design : David Shields

Light Designer : Chris Withers

Del Shores' Southern Baptist Sissies is a story of growing up gay in bible belt America, where, to this day, being gay is still considered an illness to many people. (Shores wrote the US adaptation of Queer As Folk )


Four young boys, Mark, Andrew, TJ and Benny, all attend the same Baptist Church but as the boys hit puberty, they start to realise they have un-christian desires for each other.


Can they overcome their feelings for the same sex and live good Christian lives or will they burn in hell for the sins they commit?


"Staging of the speciality numbers is perfect"

British Theatre



West End Wilma

"An entertaining pice of theatre"

British Theatre Guide

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